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Bestchem Car Shampoo (Cherry Scent)


Bestchem Car Shampoo is a car shampoo that delivers superior cleaning power and brilliant shine.

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BestChem Car Shampoo maximizes shine and optical clarity while maintaining waxes, and coatings. The premium formula offers rich suds that gently and safely foams away tough dirt and contaminants without any harsh rubbing, scrubbing, or scratching. Super-slick lubricants allow the wash mitt to glide over the surface and remove dirt without scratching. BestChem Car Shampoo is highly concentrated, quickly emulsified and removes all types of animal waste, petroleum oil, crude oil, tar, grease, dirt and soil.

*Delivery will be fulfilled by Seller's own fleet (3-5 Working Days)*

Return & Warranty

  • The Customer may not cancel orders once accepted by Bestchem. Bestchem may allow an order to be cancelled at its discretion, subject to Bestchem recovering from the Customer the costs incurred by Bestchem. If only part of an order is cancelled, Bestchem may invoice the Customer any difference in selling price per unit applicable to the quantity actually despatched prior to cancellation compared to the quantity ordered.
  • The Customer may only return Products to Bestchem, and receive a credit or refund, on the following conditions:

- the Customer must contact Bestchem in advance and obtain the prior consent of Bestchem.
- return must be made within 7 days of the date of delivery (as stated on the delivery documentation).
- Products shall be returned in their original packaging with the original Bestchem label affixed, and unaltered in form and content. Product must be in a condition which will enable them to be immediately fit for re-sale.

  • Bestchem reserves the right to request a disposal instead of return.
  • Products accepted for return will be credited at invoice value. Bestchem will apply a restocking fee of 20% of invoice value or S$10 whichever is higher for Products returned within 7 days of the date of delivery. For Products returned 7 days or more after the date of delivery, prior approval must be given by Bestchem and, if approved, Bestchem will apply a restocking fee of 30% of invoice value or S$15 whichever is higher, otherwise, Bestchem will refuse delivery and return the products at the Customer's expense.

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