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Mafra Maniac Line Mobile Car Spa Wash Matte Wrapped PPF Car


Maniac Line by Mafra, the renowned Car Care brand, official supplier for Lamborghini and Maserati, is now available at your doorstep! Mafra, since 1965, the capsule line “Maniac Line”, Made in Italy, is a premium car care specially formulated for the car enthusiast who truly care for their car.

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Having a wrapped or matte wrapped car makes the car stands out from the rest, however, if you know, wrapped material typically has porous surface that easily trapped dirt and dust, and they are definitely not easy to wash off with normal car wash shampoo. Maniac Line Wrapped, Matte, PPF Car Spa Wash uses special polymer solution, anti-limescale, highly lubricated and compact foam, gently yet effectively removing the dirt while maintaining the original beautiful matte finishing after wash.

Additionally, we top it up with our signature plastic and rubber rejuvenation on the in-car cabin, with a good satin look. This plastic and rubber coating as well serve as protection and prevention against the harmful sun UV ray, from cracking and whitening. This solution will also be used onto your tyre side wall and tyre shoulder, to prolong the tyre lifespan.

It comes with rims and tyres cleaning with our popular Wheel and Tyre cleaner, which is yet another safest for your rims and to keep your tyre clean and healthy. If neccessary, we will use our Iron Remover to decontaminate your rims, subject to onsite check.

Contact 87674010 after making a purchase to arrange an appointment.

Terms & Conditions

  • This package is a door step service.
  • Only available for vehicles in Singapore.


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