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How to apply for Malaysia VEP?

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Hey Sskhaw! Here's the Step by step guide on VEP Registration:

Step 1

Download the Touch and Go App and link it to your Touch and Go card.

Step 2

Visit and register your vehicle using same email as your Touch and Go App.

Step 3

You will receive a Confirmation Email. Try to print all documents that they send via email - you will need to bring this with you.

Step 4

(2nd email) RFID Tag Collection Invitation email: this link does not work and you would need to log into the VEP website and select your collection date and venue.


Dear XXX,

Thank you for registering your Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) online account. We would like you to present yourself at the VEP Tag Collection Centre in Malaysia to collect your VEP RFID Tag. You can collect your VEP RFID Tag at any of these four (4) VEP Tag Collection Centres:

1) Lima Kedai Toll Plaza

2) Pandan RnR

3) Gelang Patah Southbound RnR

4) Plaza Angsana Open Carpark C

Step 5

After selecting the time and venue, you will receive another email. Print that email and all documents attached to the email - you are required to bring this with you to the collection centre.

Take note :

Registration is RM10, we advise you to bring the exact amount.

Please also bring along the following documents:-

- Copy of your Passport

- Insurance cover note

- LTA Vehicle Log Print out from LTA website.

- They will take all this docs.

As of now, there is only 1 lane for RFID clearance in JB Woodlands side. Tuas side is unclear.

If you frequently drive to JB, you may apply for this RFID so you need not worry on low Touch and Go card value. Simply top up using your debit/credit card into the app and they will deduct from there.

Hope this helps!



almost 4 years ago

Bibi Ker
why does VEP registration ask for photocopy of our IC? Isnt this infringing PDPA?

about 3 years ago

Md Khanafi
Hello, TnGo registration requires both Nric or Passport. If you register TnGo App with your IC than it shld be IC in TnGo app if differ than it will have a problem, btw only they can do the edit in their system. Pls email to TnGo or better still call them directly much faster and they will do it for you. If TnGo having problem you may not ve able to see both card and ewallet updated or even unable to apply for vep

almost 3 years ago