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over 6 years ago

How is the performance of Audi A3 1.0 TSFI Sedan?

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If you are talking about engine performance, the Audi A3 has an engine power of 116bhp.

Speed wise, the machine churns out a respectable 200Nm of torque from 2000rpm - an impressive pace for an A3. Its’ new stop-start function allows the engine to be cut off just before the car comes to a complete stop to save your precious drop of fuel.

The cons? Laggy re-ignition; this means slower take offs from the lights or junctions. Car is reviewed not as efficient as how Audi makes it out to be –

test car averaged 12.5km per litre – far from its stated 21.3km per litre.

Overall, the Audi A3 is practical, comfortable and fuel efficient. Not too bad for a continental car.


about 6 years ago