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How will Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebates be computed for cars under the Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES)? Will the VES surcharge be taken into consideration in the computation of PARF rebates?

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The PARF rebate is computed based on the actual ARF paid and the age of the car at deregistration. To be eligible for PARF benefits at the point of deregistration, the car must:

a. Not be more than 10 years old (from the original date of registration in the foreign country);

b. Have been licensed (i.e. have valid road tax) at all times in Singapore; and

c. Not be an imported used car registered before 1 September 2007.

VES rebates granted are used to offset the ARF payable and would therefore affect the computation of the PARF rebates at the point of deregistration.

Similar to the $10,000 surcharge imposed for imported used cars, VES surcharge would not be taken into consideration in the computation of PARF rebate since it is not part of the ARF paid.

Source: LTA


over 6 years ago