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Why are HID headlamps/whiter headlamp bulbs allowed for use on vehicles registered in Singapore since our streets are adequately lighted?

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LTA has allowed HID headlamps to be fitted on vehicles registered in Singapore as they meet the relevant safety standards. In addition, HID headlamps are more energy efficient and can improve the visibility of drivers as compared with standard halogen lamps.

The use of HID headlamps/whiter headlamp bulbs is a technological trend in the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers are likely to produce more vehicles fitted with such headlamps/headlamp bulbs in the future. It is anticipated that by the year 2010, about 1 in 2 cars manufactured in Japan and Europe would be factory-fitted with HID headlamps.

Some motorists have given LTA feedback that HID headlamps and whiter headlamp bulbs are bright and glaring. We understand the concerns raised by motorists in Singapore, as they are not accustomed to the lighting. When the automotive industry switched from yellowish tungsten lighting to whiter halogen lighting in the 1970s, many motorists also had similar feedback about the brightness and glare caused by such lamps initially. However, motorists have grown accustomed to the use of halogen lighting over time. As with other lighting systems, the HID headlamp system or whiter headlamp bulbs will not cause unwanted glare or discomfort to other road users if they are properly aligned.



over 6 years ago