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over 6 years ago

What can I do to avoid glare from misaligned vehicle headlamps?

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The following are some tips on how to cope with glare from misaligned vehicle headlamps (applicable to right-hand drive vehicles only):

a) If the headlights from oncoming vehicles are too bright, look straight ahead or slightly to the left. If you momentarily look, say, at the white line on the side of the road, you would still be able to see what you need to with your periphery vision.

b) Adjust your side mirrors properly to minimise glare from the vehicles behind you. Here's how: While sitting in the driver's seat, lean to the right and rest your head against the window;

adjust the driver-side mirror so you can just see your rear fender. Next, lean to the left so your head is in the center of the vehicle; adjust the passenger-side mirror so the left rear fender is just visible.

c) Make sure all glasses on your vehicle (the headlights, windshield, windows and mirrors) are clean. Dirt diffuses light, thus creating glare.



over 6 years ago