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What are the requirements for installing aftermarket fog lamps?

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The following requirements must be met when installing aftermarket fog lamps:

(a) The fog lamps should bear approved markings to show that they have met international recognised standards such as those adopted in the countries of the European Union, Japan and the United States. For example, if the fog lamps meet United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulations, they will bear markings 'B' and 'F' for the front and rear fog lamps respectively.

(b) The front fog lamps must cast a white or yellow light. They must be installed not more than 400 mm from the sides of the vehicle and at least 600 mm apart from each other. They should also be located below the headlights and at least 250 mm above the road surface.

(c) The rear fog lamp mounted on a vehicle can be a single unit or a matched pair. The rear fog lamp must cast a red light and be located between 250 mm and 1,000 mm above the road surface. For a single rear fog lamp, it must be installed at the centre or offside of the vehicle. In all cases, the distance between the rear fog lamp and each stop lamp must be greater than 100 mm.

(d) The front fog lamps can only be switched on if the front and rear position lamps are switched on. The rear fog lamps can only be switched on when the front headlamps are switched on.

(e) There should be separate switches for switching the headlamps and fog lamps on. The switches must be constructed such that switching on the position lamps or headlamps do not automatically switch on the fog lamps.



over 6 years ago