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How does a registered owner apply to convert his/her petrol-CNG vehicle to a petrol vehicle?

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Michael Vu

The procedures to convert a petrol-CNG vehicle to a petrol vehicle are as follows:

1. Owner to complete and submit Application Form R18 – Application for Removal of CNG System from Vehicle, (downloadable at (LTA Information & Guidelines > Forms Download) to the Vehicle Approval & Control Division (VACD), Counter 28, Level 2, LTA Customer Service Centre, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701, for evaluation and endorsement;

2. Upon endorsement by VACD, owner to proceed to Vehicle Registration & Licensing Service Operations Division, Multi-Transactions counter, to make payment for the Green Vehicle Rebate (GVR) top-up and administrative fee of $21.40 (inclusive of GST). (Please click here to check the GVR top-up amount);

3. Upon payment, a notification letter on the successful amendment of the vehicle specifications will be issued to the owner. Owner must remove the CNG system and pass a vehicle inspection within 10 calendar days;

4. Owner is to contact the CNG system supplier/installer to arrange for the removal of the CNG system from the vehicle. Owner or the CNG System supplier/installer will need to submit the following information electronically through LTA’s Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS) under the “Change of Vehicle Particulars Inspection (with VACD Approval)” and pay a processing fee of $64.20 (inclusive of GST):

a. a completed Change of Vehicle Particular application form by the owner to remove the CNG system. The form can be downloaded from our VITAS website at;

b. certification from the CNG system supplier that the CNG system has been removed according to the product manufacturer’s recommendation with sound engineering practice and does not adversely affect the safe operation and/or exhaust emissions characteristics of the vehicle and affected parts on the vehicle (e.g. intake manifold, drilled boot space, etc) have been restored to its original condition;

c. certification from the CNG system supplier that the used CNG system has been properly disposed of;

d. invoice for the works; and

e. the notification letter issued by LTA on the successful amendment of the vehicle specifications.

5. Upon receiving the approval from VITAS, owner is to send the vehicle for inspection at any Authorised Vehicle Inspection Centre (AIC). AIC will issue an acknowledgement letter when the vehicle passes the inspection. Please note that an inspection fee will be payable to the AIC.

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