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4 months ago

Does the lemon law apply for used cars that have 2 years COE or less purchased from car dealers?

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Lemon law protects consumers against defects of goods purchased within six months in Singapore. It includes all goods purchased that are brand new or used, including cars.

A car that is purchased from a dealer, and a new defect is found within six months since from the date of purchase, it is covered under the lemon law.

However, the lemon law does not apply in the event of:

• When defects were caused by the buyer through misuse and unauthorized repair.

• The fault was caused by wear and tear, and not an inherent defect.

• Buyer knew about the fault before he or she bought the car.

• The car is not defective, but the buyer simply changed his or her mind.

• When the transaction is done between direct buyer and seller.

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4 months ago