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How do I bid for a vehicle registration number?

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Each bid must be made on Vehicle Registration Number Bid Form (R04) and Bid Envelope (R05) obtainable at the Reception Counter, LTA, Customer Service Centre, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Level 1, Singapore 575701.

The minimum bid amount is S$1,000/-. All offers shall be in multiples of $1/-. Payments must be made payable to Land Transport Authority or LTA in the form of Cashier's Order.

Enclose the completed form and the Cashier's Order in the envelope provided and deposit it into the tender box at LTA, Customer Service Centre, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Level 1, before the closing date and time. Once submitted, the bid application cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

Each application form submitted is for one vehicle registration number only. If you wish to bid for more than one vehicle registration number, you need to submit separate bid applications.

If you submit more than one application form and your bid applications are successful, the successful bid registration numbers will be assigned to you for registration of your new vehicles or to replace the registration number of your existing vehicles.



almost 8 years ago