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about 2 months ago

I'm not receiving any Co-Driver voice alerts, I have tried to turn it off and on again but it it still not working. Can you help?

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How can we assist you?

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Hi Afri, thank you for your feedback.

To check the issue further, kindly go to your phone settings and check the following:

1. Set Location Permission to “Always”, and allow the Motorist App to Access:

- Motion & Fitness for iOS Device

- Physical Activity for Android Device

2. Set and allow the Motorist App to send notifications to your device.

3. For iOS Device, Co-Driver is currently not supported with Apple CarPlay, please disconnect your mobile device. Don't set your phone to silent/vibration mode and check your Co-Driver volume settings in order to receive audio notifications from the Motorist App.

4. For Android Device, Co-Driver is supported with Android Auto.

5. Bluetooth Pairing function is also supported on Android Devices. When saved paired devices are present, Co-Driver will activate solely upon connecting to them, not based on detection of driving behavior.

6. You should also see the Co-Driver sticky notification in the background under power-saver mode. If you don't see the notification, do reopen the Motorist App to resume Co-Driver.

7. Co-Driver must only be activated once, and it doesn't need to be manually deactivated because it will automatically detect when your car is no longer moving.

8. In case the Auto Mode is not working, click the Manual Start Function to activate Co-driver.

9. Lastly, check if your Motorist App is updated to the latest version.

If you're still facing issue with Co-Driver after following all the diagnostics above, please drop a message to the Chat feature in the Motorist app and Mel will be happy to assist you further.

Thank you.


about 2 months ago