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How to check traffic offence in Malaysia for Singapore registered vehicle in 2023 without MyKad?

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Hi Lee Wee Liam , thank you for your question.

Here are the steps on how to check Malaysia summons for Singapore registered vehicle. The following are the steps to check the amount of your unpaid fund through the eKhidmat Portal:

Step 1: Go to the eKhidmat portal

Here is the link to the eKhidmat check summon Malaysia website:

eKhidmat is a digital solution that involves Malaysian local government agencies. They offer various services, including checking Malaysia summons for Singapore cars

Step 2: Choose the search type

After you arrive at the page, you will need to choose the search type. They provide two options to run the search, either using ‘No Kenderaan’ which means

‘Vehicle No’ or ‘No. Kompaun’ which means ‘Compound No.’

Click on the ‘Vehicle No’

Step 3: Enter your ‘Vehicle No.’

Next, in the ‘Vehicle No’ part, enter the vehicle registration number (VRN) of the car you want to search on. For example, SDP8160L

Step 4: Click ‘Search’

After you have filled in all the required information, click on the ‘Search’ button to run the check for the outstanding fine.

Step 5: Find out the result

This is the final step on how check Malaysia summon for Singapore cars. Once the result shows, you will see the amount of your outstanding summons.

If the total amount is RM 0.00, it means that no fine has been charged to that VRN. Meanwhile, if the result shows a total amount of certain numbers (RM XX), you have that many summonses that need to be paid.

Disclaimer: as there are a few traffic agencies in Malaysia it is your duty to check with all traffic agencies for summon and not just rely on one search result.

These are several websites available for you to check Malaysia summon for Singapore car online:

1. JPJ’s Official Website (recommended)

2. MyEG’s website

3. MyBayar Website and Mobile App

4. RILEK’s website



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