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over 6 years ago

Can I change the side mirror of a different model for my car?

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LTA does not engage in the type-approval of motor vehicle accessories. We will however be concerned if the fitting of accessories adversely affect the safety and emission characteristics of the vehicle.

All vehicle mirrors, factory-fitted or after-market, installed in a vehicle must be of a design certified to be suitable for the vehicle by the vehicle/product manufacturer and be properly installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The mirrors must meet international standards such as those adopted in the European Union countries, Japan and the United States.

To enable LTA to advise you more specifically, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following:

a) vehicle registration number of your vehicle;

b) technical specifications and installation details (including pictures/drawings) of the aftermarket side mirror;

c) certification from the manufacturer that the aftermarket side mirror is suitable to be fitted to the vehicle and would not adversely affect the safe operation of the vehicle; and

d) evidence or test reports to show that the after-market side mirror has been manufactured and tested according to international recognised standards.



over 6 years ago