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almost 6 years ago

Am I allowed to modify my car's bonnet?

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To replace the vehicle's original bonnet with an aftermarket one of a different material (e.g. carbon fibre), vehicle owners are required to provide supporting certifications or documents to prove that the replacement bonnet is specifically designed and manufactured for a specific vehicle make and model. Vehicle owners who wish to replace their vehicle's bonnet can submit an application with the following supporting information (in English) to the Vehicle Engineering Division of LTA, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701.

a) An application letter (with vehicle registration number) indicating the replacement part(s) to be changed;

b) Product catalogue or technical specifications of the replacement parts and its installation procedures; and

c) Supporting certifications or documents showing that the replacement item is structurally sound and does not alter the frontal collision characteristics of the vehicle



almost 6 years ago