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Will I be reminded of my road tax expiry?

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It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to monitor the validity of their road tax and ensure that he renews the road tax of his vehicle before it expires.

Road Tax Renewal Notice

As a service, LTA will send a road tax renewal notice to the vehicle owner about one month before the expiry date. If you do not receive it 2 weeks before the expiry date, please call the Land Transport Authority at 1800 - CALL LTA or (1800 - 2255 582) for another renewal notice to be sent. If you are a SingPass holder, you can click here to make the same request online (under the heading 'Licensing').

GIRO Payment Schedule (for payment of road tax by GIRO)

About one month before the GIRO deduction date, vehicle owner who has arranged for their respective vehicle’s road tax to be renewed via GIRO will receive a GIRO Payment Schedule to inform him of the GIRO deduction date as well as the deadline to fulfil the pre-requisites.

Email Reminder

Vehicle owners who have updated LTA on their email addresses will also receive an email reminder about one month before the road tax for their vehicle expires.

Additional Email Reminder

Please visit eCitizen portal at if you wish to sign up for additional email alerts under “Services & Tools”.



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