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7 months ago

Why us the $3 SPC voucher not working?

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How can we assist you?

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Hi Tze Siong! To successfully redeem the voucher, kindly check the Motorist x SPC $3 fuel coupon campaign mechanics and flow.

1. Head to the app dashboard and click on the SPC banner.

2. Click redeem only when at the cashier counter.

3. Click Redeem will prompt the user to allow the camera to scan.

4. Camera will appear, please scan the QR code held/provided by the cashier.

5. Cashier will have to provide a QR code for the user to scan.

6. Scan QR code and barcode will appear.

7. Cashier to scan the barcode and a $3 coupon will appear on the cash register.

Thank you.


7 months ago