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10 months ago

Hi, I was traveling along Ang Mo Kio Ave. 10 and there is a construction site on the way to CTE where the traffic controller is giving instructions to clear the road which distracts driver on the need to just follow the traffic light. I took the traffic Controller signals to drive past the white line when it was amber but as I realised it turn red before I reached the other intersection. I stopped and reversed back to original intersection. I am not sure if I will get red light traffic offence but it is misleading to have a traffic controller when the traffic light is working. Please advise if I get summon and can I appeal if there is?

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How can we assist you?

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Hi Jo, thank you for your question. You will receive a notification after 5 to 7 business days whether or not you will get traffic offence.

You may also check from time to time through the Motorist app.

Just head to your profile, click the vehicle number, on the upper right click Manage and select Traffic Offence and click Check. Alternatively, you may enquire through here:

To file appeal, you may submit it through here:


10 months ago