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11 months ago

Hi bros and sisters, need advice. Bought a car with supersprint exhaust fitted, has cert but not registered under LTA. Have friends driving the same car with the same exhaust fitted but theirs are registered and legalised but when I called LTA up, LTA told me is not legalised nor registered in the data for my car. Called Jeep Chee to clarify but they say the exhaust was never legal, but everyone I know driving the same car has the same exhaust fitted and is all registered etc. Any advice?

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How can we assist you?

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Alvin Quah
Hi Calvin, you will still need to get the vehicle registered and inspected. Suggest you contact LTA and find out what are the requirements/docs needed and get it from Jeep Chee. If not it will be risky should you get pulled over by LTA on the road. Likely will be fined.

10 months ago