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Who can register a goods vehicle i.e. Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)?

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LTA had, from 1 July 2002, required valid proof of business to be shown by those intending to register or take over ownership of LGVs. A valid proof of business includes the following:

1. The latest and valid ACRA instant printout (to be produced within 14 days of issue by ACRA) for registered businesses or compaines; or

2. A valid hawker's licence issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA) or a valid farm licence issued by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for a hawker or a farmer respectively.

In addition, all LGVs registered or transferred from 1 July 2002 must also display on the side of vehicle (at the bottom of the front doors) the following information:

a) Name of the Registered Vehicle Owner;

b) Company/Business address;

c) Company/Business registration number, Hawker Licence or Farm Licence number; and

d) Passenger capacity.

Source: LTA


about 6 years ago