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Anyone having same issue? Purchased my 2nd hand car during the covid period and notice that the VEP was not deregistered by the previous owner due to covid and can’t enter into Malaysia. Now Im unable to register for my VEP as it stated that vehicle number is already registered. Is there anyway to bypass this?

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Hi Vincent Chen, thanks for leaving a question. You will need to contact the previous owner and have him update the Vehicle Ownership Status of the vehicle.

According to the VEP website: If you are the previous owner of the vehicle (transferor), you are responsible for updating the vehicle ownership status. Failure to do so, and you shall bear the risk of being fined for any offence that might be committed by the new owner.

If you are the new owner of the vehicle (transferee), it is your responsibility to apply for a new VEP and to ensure that the previous owner has updated the vehicle ownership status.

You may contact JPJ for more assistance regarding this matter.


over 1 year ago