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I have an intention to buy a 2nd hand car but I really do not know what factors to consider to get a good used car that won't cost me a hefty sum of money for maintenance in the future. Can you advise me?

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First factor to consider is the age of the car. You may find that cars with their COE expiring in 1 or 2 years tend to be cheaper. But bear in mind that these cars are 8 to 9 years old. Their mechanical structure and engines might not work as perfectly as how they did 8 to 9 years ago. This increases the possibility of the cars breaking down or malfunctioning. It may result in you not spending a lot of money in buying the car, but spending more money for maintenance and repairs instead.

Second factor to consider is the mileage of the car. A 3 year old car does not mean that it has a lower mileage than a 7 year old car. The mileage really depends on the usage frequency of the previous owner. Cars with higher mileage tends to have its fair share of wear and tear. This situation could grow worse if the previous owner do not maintain the car appropriately. Getting a low mileage car is a better option when buying a used car as you know that the car is not used very often. Thus the engines and all might still be in good condition.

One tip that we could provide you is to inspect the car's engine, mechanicals and electronics physically before buying the car. Ensure that they are all in good condition. It may not be in perfect condition but good condition cars are a better bet than having a car with poor engine. In this kind of situation, your mechanic will be your bestfriend that you could trust. So try to source for the best mechanic in town and send the car for a thorough inspection to get the green light.

If you're still unsure on what factors to consider when buying a used car, click on the link below to get more advise on how to save more money when buying a car.


over 6 years ago