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What would be the procedure to re-license my vehicle that i have laid up?

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Vehicle owners who are not using their vehicle for a period of time can apply to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to place their vehicle under lay-up status for up to 1 year (and can be renewed yearly for up to 3 consecutive years). During the period, where the vehicle is laid-up, the vehicle cannot be driven on public roads and is required to be garaged at its reported garage address. Please inform LTA in writing prior to any change of garage address, as it is an offence not to do so. If the vehicle is not re-licensed by the third year, the vehicle will be deregistered at the end of the third year.

Please note that there will be no backdating of lay-up commencement date. Any outstanding road tax and applicable late payment fee before the lay-up commencement date is payable.

For your further information that, if the vehicle is eligible for Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF), it will lose its PARF eligibility once the vehicle is placed under lay-up status.

A lay-up vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection at any LTA-authorised inspection centre before it could be re-licensed. Once the vehicle has fulfilled all the road tax pre-requisite(s), i.e. has valid motor insurance and passed vehicle inspection, you may re-license the vehicle at any of the following channels: -

Internet (

AXS Stations

iNETS Kiosks

LTA-authorised Road Tax Collection Centres


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