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over 2 years ago

How can I go about participating in the Motorist mBassador Talent Search 2022

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1 Answer

Royson Koh

"Essentially, there are 3 steps to participate in this year's Motorist Talent Search. But I'll throw in one additional step to give you a head start.

1. Take a full body shot with a clear view of your face with a car in the background.

2. Post it on Instagram

3. Tag and follow the following:

- @motoristsg

- @mbassador2022

- #mbassador2022 (please take note of the case sensitivity)

4. Tell your friends about your participation to garner as many likes (Instagram) as well as votes (Motorist app) as you can!

For more information about the scoring system, please head over to the following link for more information!"


over 2 years ago