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What are things i should look out for when test driving a car?

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Allow at least half an hour and drive on all kinds of road – a test drive in a town is of little use if you spend most driving time on a motorway.

1.Can you get in and out of the car easily?

2.Can you adjust the seat and steering so you're comfortable?

3.Can you see the instruments clearly and reach the controls easily?

4.Try reversing into a parking space to check all round vision and blind spots.

5.Take your children with you – are they comfortable in the back?

6.Take any child seats you use with you and check that they fit

7.Is there space for your regular shopping bags, luggage, golf clubs, pushchair etc?

8.Can you fold the rear seats easily?

9.Is the boot sill low enough? Will you be able to unload shopping and luggage easily from the back?

10.Is it easy to take out and re–fit removable seats? Ask the owner's permission before you try.


about 6 years ago