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How to participate in Motorist 4D ?

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Hi David, thank you for leaving a question. To join Motorist 4D Win, just simply register a vehicle in the Motorist App, and the licence plate number of your registered vehicle will count as an entry into our weekly draw.

If your licence plate number matches the winning 4D number, you will instantly win up to *$2000 in cash!

What’s more, your winnings will also be doubled if you have successfully referred one friend to the Motorist App! The prize will be evenly split if there are multiple winners. The draw of our Motorist 4D Win will take place every Sunday after 6.30pm. The 1st draw will be on 5th September 2021. Please take note that your vehicle has to be registered on the Motorist App before 6pm to be eligible for each week’s draw.

Read this to find out more:

Please update the Motorist App to the latest version. The Motorist 4D Win feature can be found on the Dashboard of the Motorist App under 'Others'.

Thank you, and I hope you huat with our Motorist 4D Win!


almost 3 years ago