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over 2 years ago

How do I setup mPay?

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Hi Louis, thank you for leaving a question.

To set-up or register MPay just follow these simple steps:

1. Look for the "MPay" on the motorist app under "Others"

2. Scan QR Code from the MPay standee

3. Tap “Add a Card” if you don’t have an existing credit card registered

4. Tap “Add a Card” again

5. Enter card details and tap “Add Card”

6. Select your primary credit card for payment

7. Enter you bill amount (min. $50)

8. Wait approximately 10 seconds for the “Review Payment” screen and

tap “Confirm” to make payment

9. Payment is successful (Wait for review notification)

10. Tap on the Review Notification to leave a review

11. Rate you experience and leave a Review and tap “Submit”


over 2 years ago