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over 2 years ago

Where is the nearest petrol station to me? Can I check which shell is near me or whichever petrol station?

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Denise Ong

Hello Andre! You can check for the nearest petrol station to you via these websites.

For Esso:

For Shell:

For SPC:

For Caltex:

You can also use the Motorist application to find the nearest petrol station to you. Under “Dashboard”, scroll down to “Drive”. You can then click on “Esso” to find the nearest Esso station to you. As of now, we only have store locators for Esso on our mobile application.

We have also just released a new feature on our Motorist application. You can now check for the latest, most updated petrol prices for Esso, Shell, SPC, Caltex and Sinopec! You can head on to "Dashboard" then "Drive". Click on "Fuel Prices" and you will be directed to the page!

You can download the Motorist application here:


over 2 years ago