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Eligible motorcycle owners will receive $80 (up to 200cc) or $50 (201 to 400cc) additional Petrol Duty Rebate. To receive your rebate, please update your bank account details with LTA at or register your PayNow (NRIC) with your bank by 15 May 2021. Anyone know how to do this? Are u get rebates? I not received any rebate till now Pls help me in this matter

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Cheryl Wong

Hi Arun! Did you register by 16 February 2021? If not you can call LTA at 1800 2255 582 or contact them via to get more info!


The PDR will be paid to all eligible individual owners of motorcycles registered as at the close of 16 February 2021. Individual owners with more than one motorcycle will receive road tax rebates for each motorcycle, but only one payout of the additional PDR based on the higher quantum among the eligible motorcycles.


Individual motorcycle owners who wish to receive the additional PDR via GIRO should ensure that they update their bank account details on LTA’s website at (or via the attached QR code) by 15 May 2021.


about 3 years ago