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Can I remove the private hire car decal myself after I have converted the car from private hire car to passenger car?

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Cheryl Wong

Yup you can!


The tamper-evident decals (“decals”) are required to be displayed at all times, regardless of usage of vehicle. If the chauffeured Private Hire Cars (PHCs) are converted out of the class and body codes Z10/Z11/Z16/Z17, the vehicle owners must remove and dispose of the decals. They do not need to inform LTA on the disposal of decals.


It is both an offence to drive a chauffeured PHC without displaying the decals and to affix/display the decals on a vehicle that is not a chauffeured PHC. The vehicle owner and driver could be liable to, upon conviction, i) a fine up to $1,000, or a jail term not exceeding 3 months, or both; ii) demerit points under the Vocational Licence Point System, where applicable.


almost 3 years ago