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almost 3 years ago

Let say road tax of sg registered motorbike is expired it was parked in JB. Will there be any consequence if unable send for inspection and renew road tax in this period. What to do supposedly?

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Cheryl Wong

Hi Colin! You may still renew your COE by bank transfer via OneMotoring. For those intending to renew your COE, you have one month to do so after your COE expires, but you will be subjected to late renewal fees from S$50 to $250. This is payable, regardless of the impact caused by the Circuit Breaker.


If you’re unable to renew within one month after your COE expires, you may have to contact LTA and request for an extension. However, this is a case by case basis, and it will be highly unlikely that your request will be granted. Your vehicle will be automatically deregistered if an extension is not granted and you won't be able to renew its COE again.

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almost 3 years ago