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about 1 month ago

Hi, so i last minute saw the light turned amber and I emergency braked and I managed to stop ontop of the sensor, basically got 2 rectangular boxnI managed to stop ontop of the first box. Will I still get fined and points?

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Cheryl Wong

Hi Sham! A flash is taken once your wheel crosses the line based on the sensors, but they will assess if at the point of the first flash your car had already passed the so-called point of no return. To see where the sensors are on the roads and you will understand what I mean. They are not on the white line. Your wheels have front and back if your front already crossed the line and the back was still on the sensor when it became red, it will still flash. If your front wheels crossed but you stop in-between lines. It will also flash but you will not be fine because you did not cross during the second flash.

But it's still individually accessed, you might have to wait and see if you get a letter from TP.


30 days ago