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What are the identification marks (prefixes) for vehicles registered in Singapore?

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License plates for private cars started with a single prefix 'S'.

With the growing car population, there is a need to increase a suffix letter after the 'S', and thereafter it was imposed to two serial suffix letters, starting from 'SBA'.

Exceptions of certain prefixes:

SH - Taxi

SBS - Buses operated by SBS Transit

S, ending with CD - Embassy

TP - Bikes operated by Traffic Police

PA, PB, PC, PH, PZ - Private hire vehicles

LTA - Bikes operated by Enforcement Department

To prevent forming words that may lead to objectionable opinions, the Land Transport Authority has skipped the use of vowels in the second letter of the three-letter suffix. For example, when the sequence of 'SDZ' ended, the 'SE' series was skipped and it continued with 'SFA' instead.


about 7 years ago