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almost 4 years ago

Hi I am from PUB managing PUB commercial fleet. I have an enquiry on the guideline of pasting sticker advertisements. We have a FIAT Ducato vehicle which has side windows on both sides. Can the both side windows of FIAT Ducato be fully covered if we intend to only cover the rear window bout 40% sticker, with no sticker covering the front windscreen?

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James Poon


LTA has no objection to the display of sticker advertisements or decals on vehicles so long as the following requirements are complied with:

a) no part of the stickers shall obstruct the view of the driver or pose any danger to other road users;

b) the stickers do not cover or mask any lighting systems, number plates, windows, windscreens, and other pre-requisite markings/labels on the vehicle (e.g. speed limit, maximum passenger capacity, company information for goods vehicles etc);

c) graphics and/or words shall not appear in any way pornographic, obscene or vulgar. They must also not be seditious or affront any religious belief;

d) the basic colour of the vehicle must be maintained;

e) if the stickers are intended to be pasted across the windscreens and windows, they must not be more than 150mm (6 inches) measured from the top edge of the front windscreen and not more than 100mm (4 inches) measured from the top edge of the rear windscreen and side windows; and

f) the resultant light transmittance for remaining areas of the front windscreen and both front windows must be at least 70%; and the rear windscreen and rear passenger windows must be at least 25%.



almost 4 years ago