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I was driving along upper Thomson road and when I approached the traffic junction, I stopped at the 2nd lane to the right to turn to SLE (PIE). Upon the the green arrow right turn, I drove my car and suddenly noticed that there are two flash light which made me think that I may had been at the wrong lane and not supposed to turn right. In my more than 10 years of driving in singapore, I was a law abiding drivers who had never broke any traffic rules. I concluded that it may be my wrong judgement that I did not notice the lane marked and had thought that the two right lane are for turning right. There was no vehicle on my side side and either going straight or turning at that time at about 10.30pm. May I know how can I report this matter to the traffic police for my unintentional turn which I thought was allowable until I notice two flash light as there were no vehicles going straight at that time. Thank you very much

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Hi Mr. Fabian, do not worry as there have been instances where red light camera flashes by mistake. Traffic Police will review the footage and you will receive an offence notice should you have committed an offence, which will take roughly 2 weeks to reach you by mail. However, you will be notified of any traffic offences earlier if you are using the Motorist App (to download the app: You should appeal only upon receiving the offence notice, we came up with a guide on how to appeal here

You may send the appeal letter in here:


over 3 years ago