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over 7 years ago

What is the difference in value between a Parallel Import car and one from an Authorized Agent?

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In general, parallel imported cars are 8k to 10k cheaper than that from an authorized distributor. Albeit an attractive and competitive pricing, do take note of some common issues that you may face when purchasing a parallel imported car.

1) Warranty Issues (Normally offered in-house by parallel importer)

2) Replacement Part Issues (Chances of unavailability, possibly lengthy process)

3) Availability Issues (Waiting time from purchase to collection may be long)

4) Service Quality Issues (Likely to be no test drive, usually poor after-sale support)

Do note that the above points are made in reference to authorized distributors and shall serve as a comparison for similar makes and models between the two bodies. Therein holds no content to reflect the independent quality of any parallel distributor or the parallel distribution industry as a whole.


over 7 years ago