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I am driving a Toyota High Roof Commercial. What do I need to apply for in order to enter Malaysia?

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Hello there, and thank you for your question. In order to drive a commercial vehicle into Malaysia, your vehicle will have to be first approved by the Malaysian authorities. Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your company is registered in both Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Applications must be in writing and addressed to the State of Johor Road Transport Department Director. It should be submitted by hand to counters 13 or 14 at the Vehicles Registration Section of the Johor RTD.

3. The following documents must be submitted:

- Official Application Letter by the registered owner of the vehicle

- Photocopy of Business Registration with the ROC of Singapore and Malaysia

- Photocopy of the vehicle's Log Book or a letter from LTA

- Photocopy of the insurance certificate for the vehicle to be licensed

- Photocopy of the vehicle owner's IC or passport

- Latest bank statement of the Malaysian Company of Business

- Photographs of the vehicle (front, rear, side views)

- Photographs of the business premise in Malaysia (with signboard of company name)

4. If your vehicle gets approved, you will then have to send your vehicle for inspection at PUSPAKOM Johor Bahru to get an inspection report.

5. After passing the inspection, the vehicle owner can proceed to the Road Tax counters to purchase Malaysian Road Tax at RM10/mth or RM120/year.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia


about 4 years ago