4 Reasons to Purchase a Car Warranty

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4 Reasons To Purchase A Car Warranty 2
(Photo Credit: KGC Workshop)

Are you deciding to purchase a car warranty? You should consider getting one if you are driving a second-hand car.

Unlike a brand new car, a second-hand car might come with a history of problems, either due to wear and tear or poor maintenance.

While a new car will enjoy the benefits of having its original warranty, most used cars don’t come with an existing one. Plus, even if it has an existing warranty, it will no longer be valid upon the transfer of ownership.

This means that any repair cost must be paid in cash by the current owner. In a way, you could compare it to buying a second-hand smartphone.

Thankfully, there are warranty programmes out there for used cars offered by third party workshops.

Typically called “extended warranty”, they protect you from unexpected repair costs and give you coverage that might not be available previously.

If you are still sitting on the fence, here are some reasons why a car warranty (especially for a used car) might be a good pick-up.

Drive With A Peace of Mind

4 Reasons To Purchase A Car Warranty Featured
(Photo Credit: KGC Workshop)

Extended warranties are ideal if you require extra coverage or if you can’t afford the cost of unexpected repairs. This is especially true for second-hand car buyers as the vehicle may have been maintained poorly by its previous owner.

From the seller’s perspective, they might not be fully transparent about their car’s condition, as it might affect its selling price.

As such, a pre-inspection is mandatory for used cars to meet warranty requirements and standards. If your vehicle passes, you may proceed to purchase an extended warranty.

For instance, the one we offer eliminates any anxiety from additional expenditure and protects you from expensive repair bills in the future.

Backed by An Extensive Insurance Coverage

It is compulsory for most businesses in Singapore to be backed by extensive insurance coverage. The same applies to car warranties as well.

If an insurance company backs a warranty, its coverage will continue even if the dealer or workshop has ceased its operation. For example, KGC Workshop is underwritten by a MAS regulated insurance company.

KGC Workshop also promises car owners that any service packages purchased from them will stay with them for added assurance. In other words, the warranty programme will still be valid even after you’ve bought a new car.

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Enjoy High-Quality Repairs and Workmanship

4 Reasons To Purchase A Car Warranty
(Photo Credit: KGC Workshop)

When sourcing for a car warranty, it is vital to select a trusted service provider to help you maintain your vehicle over an extended period.

KGC Workshop has over 54 years of experience, and they will only source the most reputable and reliable parts for your car.

Additionally, KGC Workshop has been an award-winning workshop for seven consecutive years, with high ratings and positive reviews from its customers on their Facebook.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Car

Before selling your car, it is always good to keep it in tip-top condition and have your vehicle’s past servicing records for documentation purposes. If you are unaware, a car warranty is a bonus for its resale value, and acts as reliability proof for your vehicle in the resale market.

It is a win-win situation; the next owner will be at ease while you enjoy the benefits of your purchased warranty.

Motorist offers affordable warranty coverage for all used car makes and models. In addition, your car will be in the good hands of the crew at KGC Workshop if any mechanical failure arises.


4 Reasons To Purchase A Car Warranty 4(Photo Credit: KGC Workshop)

A car warranty should be purchased if you intend to drive your second-hand vehicle for several years. It is a bonus if you are especially worried about running into expensive repair costs in the future.

While beneficial, it is essential to note that a car warranty does not cover routine maintenance, oil changes, and replaceable parts. It also does not include damages caused by human negligence.

If you are interested in getting a car warranty, fill our form here to receive a free, non-obligational quote.

To learn about the difference between a car warranty and car insurance, do read this article instead.

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