BMW iX Set To Be BMW’s Most Exciting Product of 2021

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Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021(Photo Credit: BMW Group)

BMW Group Asia’s Managing Director, Christopher Wehner anticipates that the upcoming BMW iX will be the German marque’s most exciting product of 2021.

In a recent interview with Christopher Wehner, managing director of BMW Group Asia. He mentions that the upcoming BMW iX, which was originally the BMW Vision iNEXT concept, became a reality after it was unveiled in November last year. It will be the most exciting product for the Bavarian manufacturers to ever produced later this year.

Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021 Christopher Wehner 0

(Photo Credit: BMW Group)

“This is the first in a generation of cars poised to redefine the driving experience, the feeling of space inside and the relationship between vehicles and those on board. The BMW iX harnesses the latest innovations in the fields of electrification, automated driving and connectivity to deliver a truly personalised mobility experience” says Mr Wehner.

Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021 3 (Photo Credit: BMW Group)

The iX which is BMW’s pure electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) is their latest flagship technological vehicle. It will begin production at the BMW Plant Dingolfing from the fourth quarter of 2021. The iX aims to provide a seamless driving experience for BMW customers.

Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021 7 (Photo Credit: BMW Group)

Mr Wehner also mentions in the interview that despite the Covid-19 situation that affected the whole world, the biggest challenge for him was “running the BMW Group Asia business from home”.

He was very delighted that BMW was recognised in Singapore as the second top-selling car brand and also the best-selling among premium brands.

He also adds, “In addition to moving up three positions, from 5th to 2nd, our market share increased to 9.8%, the highest market share of any BMW NSC worldwide.”

Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021 4 (Photo Credit: BMW Group)

With that being said, Mr Wehner has seen more customers willing to experience the brand through BMW's various digital platforms since last year. To stay ahead of their competitors, he expects the firm to take on crucial digitalisation aspects this 2021 and beyond.

Hence, BMW Group Asia will seek to build a seamless connection with their customers through digital channels and physical means.

Bmw I X Set To Be Bmw S Most Exciting Product Of 2021 2 (Photo Credit: BMW Group)

What are your thoughts on the new BMW iX, do you think it’ll do well among other electric vehicles in the market? Let us know in the comments!

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