7 Tips to Stay Safe When Driving in the Rain

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Driving safe safely Rain (Photo Credit: Max Pixel)

It is now monsoon season in Singapore, and as drivers, we should expect heavy rainfall for the next few weeks. To help you stay safe on the road, we have compiled a list of seven wet-weather driving tips.

Heavy rain makes driving conditions hazardous and treacherous. Therefore, it is highly advisable to practice caution when driving in the rain. Here are the seven tips, in no particular order.

1. The 9 Seconds Rule

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When driving in heavy rain, you should maintain a safe following distance. Ensure there is 9-second window between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. This gives you ample distance and time to react to any situation. There will be other drivers who will feel annoyed at you for leaving such a huge gap. Just ignore them. The safety of your passengers and yourself is more important.

2. Avoid Hard Braking

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Don't jam your brakes too hard. It might cause your car to skid and you'll lose control of your car. Furthermore, slamming the brakes will also force water into the brake system and you'll end up with less effective braking. You should always brake slowly by pressing your foot on the brake pedal and easing your foot off slowly.

3. Make Turns at Slower Speeds

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Making turns too quickly on a wet road can cause your car to hydroplane, which is a very dangerous driving hazard. Before making a turn, remember to signal and slow your speed earlier than you would in normal weather conditions.

As a general rule of thumb, reduce the speed of your turns by approximately one-third when driving in heavy rain. In the event your car hydroplanes, always keep calm and avoid turning your steering wheel. Instead, slowly lift your foot from the accelerator and press your foot gently on the brake pedal.

4. Keep to the Middle

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Water tends to accumulate on the sides of the road and these puddles of water can cause your car to hydroplane. To avoid losing control of your steering and braking, try to drive on the middle lanes whenever possible.

5. Ensure Your Tyres are Safe for Driving

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It's extremely hazardous to drive on the road with bald tyres. Without tyre treads, your tyres lose traction and their ability to grip on the road. Your car is also likely to hydroplane when the road is wet.

6. Turn on Your Headlights

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Turn your headlights on immediately when it rains, even during the day. Not only do headlights allow you to see the road better, it also allows other drivers to see your car. Ensure that your headlights are clean and clear. If your headlights are dirty or foggy, simply use regular toothpaste to give them a thorough cleaning. That should increase your visibility on the road.

7. Drive Only When Necessary

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If your journey is not that important, postpone it until the rain has subsided. It's better to stay indoors than take the risks of getting stuck in a jam or worse, an accident. Get the latest updates on weather forecast here.

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