5 Cars Singaporeans like to “Zhng”

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To “zhng” a car is a Hokkien word that means to get a modification or an upgrade for your vehicle, usually with aftermarket parts. Here are five cars that are favourites among Singaporeans to zhng.

There are many ways people (when we mean people, we mean most ah beng petrolheads) can zhng their car. Such as improving the horsepower of the car by adding a high-flow or performance exhaust system, or changing the look with spoilers. The art of Zhng-ing one’s car is pretty directly related to tuner car culture. Some do it to make their car better for going fast while others just want their ride to help them live out their Tokyo Drift dreams. It’s because of games and manga like Midnight Tune, Wangan and Initial D, many of these cars that are common for Singaporeans to Zhng are cult classics in tuner culture and most of them, of course, are Japanese.

Honda Vezel

Screenshot 2020 10 05 At 2 (Photo Credit: @f******vezels)

A car that sees more and more people looking to Zhng, the ever so common Honda Vezel is the first car on this list. A car associated with PHV drivers is also one that’s turning into a popular tuner car and the only SUV on this list. Commonly modded with different body kits, spoilers, and upgraded sound systems to turn their car into a ride loved by bengs all round.

Mitsubishi Lancer CS3

Screenshot 2020 10 05 At 2 (Photo Credit: @syukio.akiro)

Next, we have the Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, known for its lightweight body and reliable 4G18 engine. For most owners, the Lancer CS3 would be modded with aftermarket exhaust to unleash the raw and authentic sound to most effectively annoy HDB residents as you floor past them at 3am. A CS3 that has been zhng-ed generously and adequately can invoke all sorts of pleasure and adrenaline for the owner.

Honda Civic FD

Screenshot 2020 10 05 At 2 (Photo Credit: @honda_civic_fd2)

The third car on this list is nothing short of iconic due to the sheer quantity. This sedan is known as the Honda Civic FD. The FD (both the 1.8 and the Type R variant), turns what looks like a family-friendly sedan into eye-catching vehicles through easy customisation with a huge variety of various aftermarket parts. FD owners often zhng it with better audio systems, amplifiers, spoilers, paint jobs, and the list goes on.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Screenshot 2020 10 05 At 2 (Photo Credit: @xist3nz)

One car that most people would love to zhng, it would be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. A common car choice in a game like Midnight Tune because it looks race ready. A completely zhng-ed Evo X would appear super beng yet cool as well. Most Evo X owners would zhng it with spoilers, big brake kit, and exhaust to amplify the sound and power that comes from its two-litre turbocharged engine. Hence, being one car that we've seen many Singaporeans like to zhng.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Screenshot 2020 10 05 At 3 (Photo Credit: @xtream_blaze)

A car with a super hardcore following, the cult classic Subaru Impreza WRX STI or Scooby/Rex is the car that Singaporeans like to zhng. Rarely if ever seen with stock parts, it is a must for all WRX owners to bring it to a car tuner to bring it to its fullest potential. Most Scooby owners try to zhng their WRX to look like their dream rally car, chasing after its illustrious racing history. But for the most part, they’ll just be racing down Seletar.

All jokes aside, to zhng one’s car, is just a car enthusiast’s way of expressing their personality through their vehicle. We all love cars and while some of their mods might make you reel, as long as they’re happy, who are we to say otherwise. Do you agree with this list? Let us know what other cars you see that are common for people to zhng in the comments below!

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