Genting Highlands Bans Car and Motorcycle Convoys from its Roads Indefinitely

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Motorist Genting Highlands Bans Car And Motorcycle Convoys From Its Roads Indefinitely
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Thinking of making a run for Genting Highlands once the COVID travel restrictions are over? Not so fast, as the management have banned vehicle convoys.

We've all seen videos on YouTube and Facebook featuring clips of car convoys racing up and down Genting Highlands like as though it were a real-life Mount Akina from Initial D.

With travel between Singapore and Malaysia expected to resume in early August, you may be tempted to create your own Initial D touge video too. Unfortunately, such moments will be relegated to the sweet vestiges of your memories now, as the management of Genting Highlands are clamping down hard on such activities.

Based on a Facebook video posted on Sunday evening, a member of the Genting security force stated that all convoys, whether they be cars or motorcycles, will be banned from driving at Genting Highlands indefinitely.

According to the officer in the video, these convoys have been extremely loud due to the modifications on the vehicles, and have disturbed the peace of hotel guests.

Not all hope is lost though, as there has been no official statement released by Resorts World Genting about this, and as the ban only applies to convoys, vehicle owners can still enjoy drives up the Highlands individually.

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