Five Flash Flood Spots to Avoid

Published by on . Updated on 8 Sep 2021

Motorist Five Flash Flood Spots To Avoid Sep 2020
(Photo Credit: Mothership)

With the rainy season ongoing (and with it the risk of possible flooding), here are the some areas to avoid when planning your commute in order to prevent your car from becoming a boat/submarine!

Heavy downpour and cold weather (by Singaporean standards) has swept across our island as a welcome respite from our usually hot climate, but with rain comes the possibility of flash floods as well. In fact, on Saturday, the Bukit Timah canal was up to 90% capacity, and the PUB even issued a flash flood warning!

To ensure you won't end up as one of the cars stuck in a flood, we have identified five areas to avoid during this period of heavy rain, using data from the Public Utilities Board (PUB):

5: New Upper Changi Road

One particular section of New Upper Changi Road is prone to flooding. It stretches from Tanah Merah MRT station, up to Bedok Road. Check out this clip which shows the situation during the previous round of torrential rain in June 2020:

Motorist Five Flash Flood Areas To Avoid In Singapore Bedok Upper Changi Road June 2020
Flooding at Bedok Canal, right off New Upper Changi Road
(Photo Credit: Common Sense/Twitter)

4: Commonwealth Avenue

This road is a known flood-prone area according to PUB, and the most susceptible area is around the MRT station and Commonwealth Drive.

Motorist Five Flash Flood Spots To Avoid June 2020
(Photo Credit: TodayOnline)

3: Changi Road

Changi appears again in this list, with Changi Road, and Lorongs 104-108 that branch away from it being flood-prone too.

Motorist Changi Five Locations To Avoid Flash Flood June 2020
(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

2: Fort Road/Mountbatten Road

The square area that is bordered by Mountbatten Road, Arthur Road, Meyer Road, and Broadrick Road has been identified as another flood-prone zone.

Motorist Five Flash Flood Locations To Avoid Mountbatten June 2020
(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

1: Jalan Besar

The entire Jalan Besar area has been marked as a flood-prone area, so you should avoid this area if you can.

Motorist Five Flash Flood Areas To Avoid Jalan Besar June 2020
(Photo Credit: PUB)


We have observed a general trend that the Southeast of Singapore is most prone to flooding, although other regions like Jurong also suffer from the risk of flash floods.

If you your route must pass through the above areas, check out how to drive through a flood.

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