How to Exchange Expired Parking Coupons for New Coupons

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New Parking Coupons Data

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The new parking coupons are now 60¢ and $1.20 instead of 50¢ and $1.00. Motorists can currently purchase these new parking coupons or exchange old parking coupons for new ones by topping up the difference in value at 155 locations nationwide.

The new rates was released by the HDB and URA on the 30th of June and will take effect from the 1st of December, 2016. As these parking coupons are now in effect, Motorists are encouraged to get the new parking coupons at 131 petrol stations as well as 23 HDB service branches and the URA centre. There is no deadline for the exchange at the branches and service centres, and you can exchange them at petrol stations any time.

For further enquiries on the sale and exchange of parking coupons, motorists can call the following numbers and visit these links for coupon exchanging locations:

HDB: 1800-225-5432
URA: 6329 3434
Participating petrol station locations: Annex BHDB locations: HDB

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