5 Reasons Why Synthetic Engine Oil is Better for Your Car

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Engine oil is an essential component in your engine. Without it, the mechanical parts and gears in your engine would probably grind to a halt or get damaged.

It also neutralises acids and cools the engine by removing heat away from moving parts.

Although there are several engine oils in the market, the two most common ones are synthetic and conventional mineral oils.

In this article, we explain the importance of engine oil and highlight five reasons why synthetic engine oil is much better choice for your vehicle.

What is Engine Oil, What Exactly Does It Do?

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As mentioned earlier, engine oil acts as a form of lubricant. It allows the metal parts in your engine to operate without causing any frictional damage.

Without engine oil, metal-on-metal contact creates excess friction and heat, causing the engine to seize.

Why Should You Change Your Engine Oil?

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This is what happens when you don’t change your engine oil:

  • Accumulation of dirt and other particles
  • Wear and tear

Dirty oil is thick and abrasive. Not only does it cause more friction, but it also damages engine components by clogging up the oil filter and oil cooler.

Additives in oil like detergents, dispersants, rust-fighters and friction reducers are less effective over time. Hence, it needs timely replacements!

No matter what, do ensure that your engine oil is changed when needed during your car servicing!

What is Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?

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The two most common types of engine oil are Conventional and Synthetic, and they each have their differences:

Conventional Engine Oil

Conventional engine oil is a mixture of additives with a base oil, which is usually derived from refined petroleum. A few examples of additives include detergent (which acts as a cleaning agent), and anti-wear (to ensure it’s not too abrasive). It might also contain friction modifiers (to ensure better lubrication), anti-foam (to prevents bubbles from building up), and corrosion inhibitor (which keeps metal in engines shiny).

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oils are chemically treated. However, it incorporates different base oils with additive components. Synthetic engine oil often uses a combination of up to three different synthetic base fluids which include synthetic esters, polyolefin and alkylated aromatics.

5 Reasons Why Synthetic Engine Oil Is Better

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1) Better Performance

The molecular structure of conventional engine oil is non-uniform. Thus it causes more friction over time and makes an engine more prone to overheating.

On the other hand, the molecular structure of synthetic engine oil is uniform in both mass and shape. This structure causes less friction and heat, ultimately resulting in better performance.

2) It Lasts Longer

Synthetic oil takes longer to break down. It does its job better, even if it hasn’t been changed for a while.

Synthetic oil can last up to 8,000km to 11,000km. In some cases, it can last to even 24,000 km! On the other hand, conventional oil will most likely only last between 5,000km to 6,000 km.

Although it is pricier than conventional oil, the longevity of synthetic oil will offset its higher price point.

3) More Environmentally Friendly

Both synthetic and conventional oil are made via highly criticised processes that are damaging to the environment.

Since synthetic oil lasts longer, it decreases the need for oil change. It, therefore, reduces the damaging effects of pollution.

4) Conventional Oil has a Higher Risk of Damaging the Engine

Conventional oils are more prone to chemical degradation (oxidation) compared to their synthetic counterparts when exposed to certain conditions.

These conditions include water contamination, pro-oxidants and extreme heat (from engine combustion) and combustion by-products, to name a few.

As a result of chemical degradation, it increases the risk of impaired engine performance.

5) Higher Viscosity Index

Synthetic engine oil has a higher viscosity index in comparison to its conventional counterpart.

This means that the viscosity changes less (more stable) as temperature changes during normal engine start-up and operating conditions.

Ultimately, this means that synthetic engine oil can withstand higher temperatures and flows more easily in when the engine is still cold.

Where Can I Purchase Engine Oil?

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We’ve highlighted the importance of engine oil when it comes to vehicle performance and protection. It is now time to choose the best one.

With the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) just around the corner, SPC Lubricants will be holding several promotions for its line of motor oils.

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Remember, there are different engine oil requirements for different cars, so always check your car’s manual for the recommended type.

Apart from engine oils, customers are also able to purchase a wide array of servicing packages as well!

With SPC Lubricants, Protection is Everything

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Products and services are 100% authentic, and they come with 15-days change-of-mind return policy!

From 6th June to 7th July, SPC Lubricants will be offering up to 40% discounts storewide! To maximise your savings, look out for the discounts and vouchers available on 6th June, 2nd July and 7th July!

To find out more, please check out SPC Lubricants on Shopee!

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