5 Vintage Cars Still for Sale

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

old cars(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Classic cars of the past have propelled the way we ride and drive today, for some, these cars are a memorabilia - an iconic trophy that reminds us of much simpler times.

Let's take a drive down memory lane and look at vintage cars that can still be bought and driven right now!

1. Volkswagen Beetle 1200, Circa 1973

Volkswagen Beetle(Photo credit: Pinterest)

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has appeared in movies like The Love Bug (1968) and Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) , a real masterpiece that doesn't shy away from the race track. A two-door, 1,100 - 1,300cc engine German make that is as powerful as it is aesthetically pleasing. You can still spot this classic on the road, and they're up for sale!

2. Morris Mini, Circa 1970

Morris Mini(Photo credit: Pinterest)

You will definitely recognise this beauty. Yup, Mr Bean's trusty companion was a Morris Mini! With an engine capacity of 980cc, these cars are best owned for leisurely drives and nostalgia - practicality wise, these cars don't go as fast as they used to. If you've got S$40,000 at your disposal, why not own a piece of history?

3. Bertone X1/9, Circa 1983
Bertone X1 9 1982 87 1

(Photo credit: Car Styling)

Perhaps you've caught Angel Town (1990) or Grand Theft Auto (1977) back in the day. The Bertone X1/9 was like a Lotus Spyder in its glory days. The two-seater, mid engined Targa topped little roadster handled superbly well and is a real rare treat to see on the roads these days. Still, this classic is going for top dollar! S$48,000 to be exact.

4. Ferrari Dino, Circa 1975

Photos Ferrari 308 1974 1 B

(Photo credit: Favcars)

The Ferrari Dino turned 40 year old in 2015, and that is no small feat for a car with Ferrari's signature V8 engine that drove through roads with a whopping 2,927cc! Truly a beast on the road, you'll definitely turn heads and still catch up with most cars on the today. We have word that a red Ferrari Dino is going for S$280,000 - well, maybe not in this lifetime.

5. MG MGB Roadster, Circa 1968
Mgb roadster

(Photo credit: Favcars)

Aptly named, the MGB Roadster brags a powerful 1,798cc engine and a sleek classical build. The MGB was actually the first car to introduce a crumple zone, protecting both the driver and passenger 50km/h impact. Going for S$98,000 - you can't put a price on safety and style.

LTA note on registration of classic vehicles: If you wish to own well-preserved, heritage-rich cars, motorcycles or scooters of a bygone era, you can do so with the Classic Vehicle Scheme. Classic vehicles are only allowed on the roads for up to 45 days a year as they are not meant to serve the day-to-day transport needs of their owners.

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