One of the Two Good Samaritans Who Assisted Mdm Goh Has Been Identified!

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

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On 15th November 2019, Mdm Goh was involved in a fatal traffic accident at Bedok North Ave 2, at around 10:14am.

A young man who was travelling home stepped forward to give CPR to Mdm Goh, but unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries two hours later at the hospital.

Mdm Goh’s family members contacted Motorist to help bring light to the situation and to find the Samaritan. Her daughter left a message for the young man:

“Whoever you are, could you kindly send me a private message? I want you to know that our family is eternally grateful for your act of kindness. May God bless you and your family 🙏🏻

Through the Motorist mWitness Initative and viral pickup by the media, the young man has now been identified as 29-year-old Muhd Arfiz Bin Azmi, a full-time Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel. He witnessed the accident and decided to convey help when he saw Mdm Goh lying on the road.

According to Arfiz, Mdm Goh was semi-conscious and had difficulty breathing. An off-duty nurse was also present at the scene. She assisted Arfiz by securing Mdm Goh’s head with a first-aid kit while Arfiz checked her breathing and pulse. As it started to fade, Arfiz had no choice but to start performing CPR on Mdm Goh.

The unidentified nurse then took over until the ambulance arrived. Arfiz helped further by assisting the paramedics to stabilize Mdm Goh’s condition before they brought her to the hospital.

When asked if he was keen to meet Mdm Goh’s family, he had the following to say: “I would say this is a first for me. I’m fine if they want to meet me in person, but I don’t do this just to claim a reward. It is my job and the SCDF are trained to save lives.”

The question at large: who is this unidentified nurse that assisted Arfiz? We believe that she is equally responsible for resuscitating Mdm Goh long enough for her family to say goodbye.

Therefore, we urge you, the Motorist Community, to assist us in finding the nurse as well. With your help, we can finally offer some closure to Mdm Goh’s family.

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1 Comment

I refer to the abovementioned article published on 9 January 2020, of which you have mentioned that the nurse involved in the incident has yet to be found. I was a parent going for my child's concert at the case of the incident, and I wish to state two other persons should be recognised from Fengshan Primary School. The Operation Support Officer, who gave his name as Ah Seng, was outside the school who saw the incident. He noted to his Operations Manager Mohd Ariffin Mohd Said, who rushed with the First-aid kit. Ariffin also called for the ambulance. While I did not saw Arfiz at the time of the incident, I saw Ariffin and Ah Seng working hard to save Madam Goh. After Madam Goh was rushed off, I even observed Ariffin and Ah Seng helping to coordinate traffic. The vigilance of Ah Seng, and that of Ariffin, must also be recognised and highlighted to the public. Ariffin, in fact, is a civil servant from the Ministry of Education, who works in Fengshan Primary School. On the other hand, Ah Seng was courageous enough to assist in the incident while waiting for Ariffin to come. Therefore, I believe Mohd Ariffin Mohd Said and Ah Seng should be recognised too. Their names should be shared with Madam Ong and her family.

over 4 years ago