Why do People Tailgate?

Published by on . Updated on 10 Jun 2022

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Owning an expensive vehicle does not justify tailgating and speeding as the rules of the road still apply. Find out why people tailgate and the different ways we can deal with them.

We've all experienced this before - you're enjoying a leisurely drive home and going at the speed limit, when out of no where, a speed demon is hot on your trails, tailgating you bumper to bumper. You can't flash your headlights, yell out the window or signal for them to over take you so you speed up. Why do people tailgate, and how do we deal with them?

1. Showing Dominance

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"I own this road, my father paid for it", at least that's what we think they're trying to imply when their headlights are dangerously close to our bumper. When this happens, submit and move out of their way. Speeding up and challenging their false authority is a battle you cannot win. Would you rather get the speed ticket or them?

2. To Keep Drivers from Switching into Their Lane

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It can be frustrating when you keep getting cut. Practice patience, these tailgaters do it to prevent other drivers from switching into their lane. Keep at your speed and make sure there's room in front of you for overtaking. Steadily decrease your speed instead of abruptly stopping, when the tailgater gets the message, they will take over from there.

3. Driving Solo

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We drive less carefully and more aggressively when we are alone in the car. When the sense of responsibility of making the ride comfortable for our passengers is taken away, we lack responsibility for our own safety. It is good to note that other drivers are our responsibility too, and we should be looking out for them as we do for our loved ones. Stay safe and remain vigilant on the road.

4. False Belief in a Hierarchy System

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No matter what you believe, there isn't a hierarchy system on the road where more expensive cars have the right of way. Tailgating and speeding are not justified by owning a luxury car, the rules of the road still apply - sorry to burst your bubble. You have the right for a safe ride, as does everyone else with a vehicle.

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