The Best Cars For Fresh Graduates (2019 Edition)

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Motorist Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Pexels)

If you’ve just graduated from university and are eager to get a new car, look no further. Here’s our list of cars we think would be best for you as a fresh graduate.

Buying a new car can be tedious, especially for fresh graduates who are perhaps just looking for a mode of transport. As fresh graduates, finances are a priority and cars do not come in cheap. In Singapore, you’ll even have to consider the additional upfront costs of buying a vehicle, such as the COE, ARF, Road Tax, and many more.

Therefore in order to ease the burden on your wallet and simultaneously, ensure you get your money’s worth, we’ve compiled a list of cars that will be perfect for you as a fresh graduate. Purchasing a car is a pretty serious issue as it requires a long-term commitment on your part. Hence it is absolutely imperative that you choose a car that would be both suited to your needs and not take such a strain on your wallet.

Do take note that the starting prices stated are subject to change at any time.

Without further ado, here’s the 2019 edition of our list of the best cars for fresh graduates.

Mitsubishi Attrage

Motorist Mitsubishi Attrage Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Carbuyer SG)

The Mitsubishi Attrage is a car that’s a popular choice for its affordability as well as its simplicity. With a limited engine, the Mitsubishi Attrage is able to easily perform the function of a transport vehicle, taking you to places with the utmost ease.

The Mitsubishi Attrage is also a vehicle with a fuel-efficient engine. With an average fuel consumption of 20.8km per litre it reduces your petrol bill in comparison to other cars. In addition, its compact size ensures you won’t have problems parking it anywhere in Singapore.

While the Mitsubishi may not be for you if you’re a speed lover, it is reliable as a mode of transport. For fresh graduates who’ll need to budget before they get their first paycheck, the Mitsubishi Attrage's starting price being at S$57,999 will be perfect for you.

Nissan Note 1.2L CVT Lite

Motorist Nissan Note Cvt Lite Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Nissan SG)

While renowned for being a compact car, the Nissan Note also comes equipped with various facilities that makes its price value for money. It has an expansive interior due to the reduction of mechanical components, providing you with enough leg space to relax on your journey. In addition, the boot space is substantial enough for you to store enough luggage without struggling to close the boot.

Furthermore, the Nissan Note has a fuel-efficient engine that allows you to save up on petrol by automatically turning itself off when you’re in a traffic jam, and restarting when you’re about to start driving again. This goes a long way towards easing the financial strain of your petrol bill.

The Nissan 1.2L CVT Lite starts from the relatively affordable price of S$69, 800. With numerous features such as the push start ignition and an intelligent key, this is one car that will be perfect for fresh graduates.

Honda Jazz 1.3 Hatchback

Motorist Honda Jazz Hatchback Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Honda SG)

The Honda Jazz 1.3 Hatchback is also an alternative just as attractive as the Nissan Note, outfitted with a design snappy and irresistible enough for those looking to show off their new car on the weekends. Its Vehicle Stability Assist allows you to retain control of your car even in dangerous weather conditions.

Similarly like the Nissan Note, the Honda Jazz 1.3 Hatchback has boot space significant enough to store your luggage and take on long weekends. In addition, it comes equipped with a rear camera display that makes parking easier for beginners. The Honda Jazz 1.3 Hatchback is therefore a steal for fresh graduates, starting at S$72,999.

Suzuki Swift

Motorist Suzuki Swift Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Torque)

If you’re looking for a car that can be easily handled in a bustling city, the Suzuki Swift may be the one for you. With a transmission that kicks down easily, it is a vehicle that is nimble enough to be manoeuvred easily in city traffic. In addition, the distinct flashy style and colour of the Suzuki Swift ensures you’ll be the envy of your friends.

The Suzuki swift is also generally well known as a rather fun car, with its torque lending it an element of speed. Its small size and features that are easy to operate makes it a vehicle very much suitable as a first car. Prices start from S$77,900, hence if you’re looking for a vehicle to tide you over before you trade in for a better one, this is the vehicle for you.

Toyota Vios 1.5 E Grade

Motorist Toyota Vios E Grade Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Torque)

Upgraded in 2018, the Toyota Vios 1.5 E grade is a popular vehicle for first time car owners. The Toyota Vios comes equipped with countless features that give it the upper hand over other cars. For example, the enhanced coil springs from earlier models enable the drive to be much smoother, softening the impact of potholes and bumps.

In addition, the Toyota Vios is one of the more fuel-efficient cars on the market right now. Its 1.5L Dual VVT-i engine ensures that fuel is consumed in a much more efficient manner, shortening your petrol bills by a significant amount.

The Toyota Vios also ensures that your drive will be as safe as possible, as it is outfitted with 7 airbags, hence providing protection at the highest level possible. If you are in a car accident, rest assured any injuries incurred will be minimized. Prices starting from S$82,988, the Toyota Vios 1.5 E grade is definitely a vehicle you should consider.

Nissan Sylphy

Motorist Nissan Sylphy Best Cars Fresh Graduates 2019(Photo Credit: Nissan SG)

Facelifted for 2019, the Nissan Sylphy is appropriate for those who prefer a bit more space to the interior of their car. The massive amount of legroom makes it perfect for you to take your family or friends out on your days off. With one of the largest boot capacities in the market for Cat A cars, it’s a great fit for anyone going on long drives or ferrying bulky items.

The Sylphy also has a soft suspension, hence absorbing the impact of road bumps and potholes. This makes the drive feel almost effortlessly smooth, increasing the comfort of your drive to a level that several big-name brands lack. Furthermore, the layout of the controls are widely labelled and can be easily maneuvered for your comfort, ensuring that it is easy to use.

The Nissan Sylphy is a car that is definitely for you if you’re a fresh graduate prioritizing comfort in your vehicle. Prices starting from S$84,800, it is most assuredly value for money.

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