10 Locations in Singapore to See the NDP 2019 Fireworks

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Ten Locations View Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Straits Times)

The fireworks for NDP 2019 will take place above the Singapore River. Here are 10 drivable locations to view this much anticipated show in all its glory.

Every year, Singaporeans from all walks of life eagerly anticipate the firework display during the National Day Parade. This year, the NDP will be held at the Padang and fireworks will be released at three different places, one of which includes the Singapore River. However, we know that tickets sell like hot cakes and besides, not everyone wants to squeeze themselves with the crowd to view this highly anticipated show. If you still want to catch the fireworks without jostling your way through the crowd, here are our top ten locations where you can drive to in order to see the fireworks for NDP 2019.

1. Gardens by the Bay

Motorist Gardens By The Bay Ten Locations View Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Gardens By The Bay)

A popular location from which the fireworks will be easily viewed is Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens by the Bay is a pretty famous landmark in Singapore and is essentially a collection of gardens to keep our city green and vibrant. If you reach before 8pm, which is when the fireworks are slated to begin, you can explore the various features and attractions that Gardens by the Bay has to offer, such as the four garden domes.

Gardens by the Bay is large and expansive, and if you’re not careful you may end up choosing a bad location to view the fireworks. The two areas of Gardens by the Bay from which the fireworks can be viewed and enjoyed in all their glory are the Bay East Garden and the OCBC Skyway.

The Bay East Garden is an open green space in the East side of Gardens by the Bay, overlooking the Singapore River and the picturesque skyline. It is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The Bay East Garden is therefore the perfect spot for you to lay down a picnic mat and view the NDP fireworks with your family.

The OCBC Skyway is an aerial walkway that links two of the Supertrees in the Supertree Grove. Open for admission from 9am to 9pm daily at a price for S$8 for adults and S$5 for children, the OCBC Skyway offers the perfect vantage point for you to view the fireworks over the Singapore River. As the firework show is slated to last for five minutes, the Skyway is the perfect viewing spot for you to enjoy the display.

Do take note that the OCBC Skyway may be closed for maintenance on certain dates, so be sure to check via the online website beforehand!

2. Fullerton Road

Accessible from Raffles Place MRT station, Fullerton Road boasts an array of restaurants from which the NDP fireworks will be easily visible. There’s a wide range of prices and cuisines available for those with a stricter palate. In addition, the sheer number of restaurants ensure that you’ll be able to secure a seat for you and your loved ones to easily view the fireworks.

For those willing to splurge a little, Forlino is an Italian restaurant situated at #02-06, Fullerton Road. Their windows boast a splendid view of the Singapore skyline and thus will guarantee you a remarkable view of the fireworks. In addition, the delicacies available at Forlino are guaranteed to grant you a nice time, with a special menu set aside for National Day.

If you’re under a tight budget, Fullerton Road still has restaurants available for you. For example, the PS Café at #02-03 Fullerton Road has a menu that will be easy on your wallet and still treat you to an amazing set of delicacies that will sate your appetite.

3. The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Motorist Promontory Marina Bay Ten Locations View Ndp Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Shopee SG)

The Promontory is a walkway along Marina Bay, overlooking Singapore’s former waterfront and a panoramic view of Marina Bay. A publicly shared space, it is typically used as a site for community events and family friendly activities. This makes it ideal for anyone who would like to sit back and view the NDP fireworks. Open til 9pm on public holidays, the Promontory @ Marina Bay would be the perfect vantage spot for you to enjoy the fireworks with your family.

4. Queen Elizabeth Walk

Motorist Queen Elizabeth Walk Ten Locations View Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Trip Advisor)

Queen Elizabeth Walk is a walkway situated at the Esplanade Park located in Central Singapore. A long, sprawling promenade overlooking the Singapore River and the skyline, it is another suitable spot for you to view the fireworks. There are benches intermittently placed along the walkway as well, so just be sure to reach the walk before it gets packed.

5. Merlion Park

Motorist Merlion Park Ten Locations View Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: OCBC)

One of the most famous tourist locations in Singapore, due to the much talked about Merlion statue, the Merlion Park overlooks the entire locale of the expansive Marina Bay and the spectacular Singapore skyline. Due to the fairly impressive view of the Singapore River, it offers the perfect viewing spot to view the NDP fireworks for 2019.

If you reach the Merlion Park before 8pm, there are plenty of shops situated around the park from which you can have light refreshments and escape the stifling heat. Do take note that the Merlion Park is one of the more popular locations to view the fireworks. Therefore, be sure to select a spot where you can view the fireworks before 8pm.

6. Stadium Waterfront

Motorist Stadium Waterfront Ten Locations View Ndp Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Stadium Waterfront)

Situated beside Kallang Wave Mall at Singapore Sports Hub, the Stadium Waterfront is one of the lesser known locations from which an impressive view of the NDP fireworks can be seen. A scenic location that offers a panoramic view of the Kallang basin, it is one of the more attractive landmarks of Singapore to be in. The view of the NDP fireworks from the Stadium Waterfront will be unobstructed and easily accessible, making this spot one of the perfect vantage spots for you to be in to view the fireworks.

7. Esplanade Roof Terrace

Esplanade Roof Terrace Singapore(Photo Credit: Expat Living SG)

The Esplanade is a widely popular location for many of us, owing to its unique design and the many facilities it has to offer. However, the roof terrace is also an excellent site for you to view the 2019 NDP fireworks. Outfitted with various small trees, bushes and shrubs, it offers the perfect area for you to comfortably sit back and observe the fireworks.

The roof terrace may also be booked beforehand for events such as product launches, dinner receptions and more, so it would be best to check beforehand if it is available before selecting it as your viewing spot. The roof terrace of the Esplanade is also a rather popular site for photographers to snap professional pictures of the fireworks, so it would be best to head there early to select the best seating area.

8. The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Motorist Lawn Marina Bay Ten Locations View Ndp Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Eventfinda SG)

The Lawn @ Marina Bay is another locale that’s lesser known as a location to view the NDP fireworks. An expansive, open green space situated above Marina Bay Link Mall’s Subterranean Mall, the Lawn @ Marina Bay offers an extensive view of the Singapore skyline.

As with locations such as the Esplanade Roof Terrace, the Lawn @ Marina Bay may be booked for community events or other such occasions. Therefore before selecting it as your go to spot for viewing the NDP fireworks, be sure to check if it is available.

9. Helix Bridge

Motorist Helix Bridge Ten Locations View Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: Singapore Travel Hub)

The Helix Bridge, out of all these locations, is the closest to the NDP fireworks. Connected to Marina Bay Sands, it is a pedestrian bridge that links Marina Centre with Marina South. The bridge is also designed with four inner spirals to provide shade for visitors. It also lights up at night, providing a remarkable sight. In addition, it also offers a relatively unhindered view of the Singapore River and skyline.

Because of its proximity to the fireworks, the Helix Bridge is also a massively popular location for tourists to catch the fireworks. Be sure to book the spot you want to view the fireworks from well before 8pm.

10. Marina Barrage

Motorist Marina Barrage Ten Locations View Ndp Fireworks 2019(Photo Credit: The Finder SG)

Lastly, the Marina Barrage is also another viable location from which the fireworks can be viewed. The rooftop of the barrage is an open green space that is publicly available for everyone to use. Various activities take place in the reservoir all year round, contributing to the homely atmosphere of the area. The Marina Barrage is therefore the perfect viewpoint for you to sit back and relax with your family and view the fireworks in all their glory.

A drawback of the Marina Barrage as a vantage point for viewing the fireworks is that it doesn’t provide a clear view of the Singapore River, so some of the fireworks will be blocked from accessible view. This makes Marina Barrage one of the less popular locations for viewing the fireworks. If you’re keen on locations that are less crowded and packed, this is one for you.

After seeing our list of venues you can drive to in order to view the fireworks, what’s your top pick to experience this light and colour extravaganza? Do you have any other venues in mind from which you can view the fireworks? Let us know in the comments below!

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